A Cosmos based Operating System developped in C# made by Alexy DA CRUZ (GeomTech) and Valentin Charbonnier (valentinbreiz).


Please read the Aura Progression or our Roadmap to know what will be added soon.

  • ATA IDE / AHCI Driver.
  • FAT32/16/12 + Virtual FileSystem.
  • PCI Device Scan.
  • PS2 Keyboard.
  • Restart + ACPI Shutdown.
  • Multi languages/Multi users support
  • Exception Handler.
  • Console in VGA Textmode (80x25) / SVGAII Graphics mode / VBE Graphics mode + Extended ASCII support.


This project is free and opensource, it lives only by its contributors, so thanks to them!

  • valentinbreiz
  • geomtech
  • djlw78
  • wayframer
  • Remco123
  • Arawn-Davies